We are a start-up company with passion in building online tools that are easy to configure and use. Our tools might look deceptively simple at first glance, but they are actually powered by quite a "complicated engine under the hood." Our goal is to hide the complexity from our customers and let them enjoy the simplicity of our final product.

Content Site Monitor was created to fill the missing gap of functionalities provided by the existing site monitoring tools in the market. Most site monitoring tools out there do not provide content checking. Even if they do, it's too complicated to set it up. When you throw site redirects into the mix, most site monitoring tools simply cannot handle it.

We are proud to say that our site monitoring technology is able follow each redirect and check the content of the final redirected site. The complexity of how we follow the redirects is completely hidden from our customers. All we need from the customers is the URL to be monitored, and we figure out how to trace the redirects and monitor the content of the redirected page.

We are able to build this "complicated engine" by constantly listening to our customers. When our customers report a problem, we usually investigate and fix the problems within 24 hours. With the experience that we accumulated over the years, we are able to consistently solve some of the most complex redirect issues that our customers throw at us.

When you sign up for a free trial account with us, you are actually using one of the most advanced site monitoring tools in the market. We might not have all the bells and whistles like the other site monitoring tools do, but we think we have the best content checking and redirect tracing tools available in the market.

Go ahead, give us a try! And please contact us if you run into any problems monitoring your site or if you have any inputs or suggestions regarding our services. You will be surprised to find out how attentive we are to our customers.

Content Site Monitor
Site Monitoring Service with Content Checking